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What we do

Creating or regenerating, repurposing, reimagining or just checking your property tax planning, that’s what we do  

We are property tax specialists. We’re not generalists 

More than 25 years property tax planning has finessed a four-step process: 

  1. First, understand your circumstances, goals and aspirations. That means follow the facts, wherever they may lead
  2. Then, deconstruct and understand any existing planning. Think of it this way – if somebody built a fence for you in the past then we need to understand why, what was its purpose, and is it still needed? Does the fence just need repainting, moving or replacing with a new one.?
  3. Next, strategise – by that we mean we put ourselves in your shoes and, with our detailed and up-to-date knowledge of all the tax planning options we’ve recently used with other property owners, we make recommendations specific to YOUR circumstances. Then we (re)load your tax and associated planning within HMRC rules, regulations and requirements, and 
  4. Finally, and most importantly, we keep it that way – because tax planning never gets finished, it only ever gets abandoned.!

Naturally, all fees are agreed in advance, and confirmed in the formal report which details the advice provided. Fixed fee options are available if you prefer. Or talk to us about our ‘done for you’ property tax solution.. 

Property tax planning – womb to tomb 

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Declaration of Interdependence

We are passionate about working with clients to aim to achieve their goals and aspirations strictly within the letter and spirit of HMRC’s rules, regulations and requirements.

We insist that everyone who works for us and with us has the same moral compass and abides by the principle of ‘doing the right thing’.

DetoxReboot® is the beating heart of a coterie of qualified, independent tax, accountancy, legal, trust, actuarial and financial advisers. We engage with UK top 20 firms through to professional, qualified sole-practitioners as your needs, circumstances, requirements and wishes dictate.

Toast or roast.?

When we review the suitability of historic or piecemeal planning we need to set up the chess board fully to see how the game is being played. We need your input and we ask you to engage with us to aim to achieve your goals.

We regularly endorse existing planning as fit for purpose. Sometimes we need to weave elasticity in to the fabric of existing planning. Only rarely is it necessary to regenerate planning.